We are an international consulting provider of ultrasound transducer and systems. We offer the consulting supply of the most ultrasound transducer including any manufacture in new, demo, refurbished and used condition.

Every probe is tested and delivered in the agreed condition.

Please take a look at the follwing list of transducers which are actually available.

If you couldn`t find what you have been searcing for, please contact us and we will take care of you needs immediatly.

The SonoRef Consulting Team is looking forward to hear from you!



Acuson14L5-SPLinear ArrayFor S2000
Acuson3.5C40+Convex Array
Acuson3V2cPhased ArrayCypress
Acuson3V2cPhased ArraySequoia
Acuson3V2cPhased ArraySequoia 512
Acuson4C1Convex Array
Acuson4C1Convex ArrayXP128
Acuson4V1CPhased ArraySequoia 512
Acuson4V2Phased ArraySequoia 512
Acuson4V2CPhased Array
Acuson5C2Convex ArrayAcuson Aspen
Acuson6C2Convex ArrayS2000
Acuson6C2HDConvex ArrayS2000
Acuson8V5Micro-Convex ArraySequoia
Acuson9L4Linear ArrayS2000
Acuson9L4Linear ArraySequoia 512
AcusonC3Convex Array
AcusonC7Convex Array
AcusonEC10C5Convex Array
AcusonEC7Convex ArraySequoia
AcusonL5Linear Array
AcusonL7Linear Array
AcusonTR ER7BMicro-Convex ArrayAspen
AcusonV4Micro-Convex ArrayAcuson 128
AcusonV4CMicro-Convex Array
AcusonV4CMicro-Convex ArrayXP128
AcusonV5Micro-Convex Array
AcusonV7Micro-Convex ArrayVector
AlokaL6-12ISLinear Array
AlokaUST-945BP-5Phased Array
AlokaUST-979-3.5Convex Array
Aloka UST-5035Convex Array
Aloka UST-9123Convex ArraySSD-4000
Aloka UST-9130Convex Array
ATLC4-2Convex Array
ATLC5-2Convex Array
ATLC5-2Convex ArrayHDI 3500/HDI 5000
ATLC8-4 TVConvex ArrayHDI 3500/HDI 5000
ATLC8-4VConvex Array
ATLC8-4VMicro-Convex ArrayHDI/HDI 1000/1500/3000/3500/5000
ATLC8-5Convex Array
ATLC9-4ecMicro-Convex ArrayHDI 5000
ATLC9-5Convex Array
ATLC9-5 ICTConvex Array
ATLCL10-5Convex Array
ATLCL10-5Convex Arrayatl um9 hdi/hdi 1000/1500/3000/3500/5000
ATLCL10-5Convex Arrayatl um9 hdi/hdi 1000/1500/3000/3500/5000
ATLCLA 76Convex Array3.5 MHZ
ATLL12-5Linear Array
ATLL12-5 /38Linear ArrayHDI 3500/HD 5000
ATLL12-5/50Linear ArrayHDI 5000
ATLL7-4Linear ArrayATL Hdi
ATLL7-4Linear Arrayum9 hdi/hdi
ATLL7-4Linear ArrayHDI Series
ATLP12-5Phased ArrayHDI 5000
ATLP3-2Phased Array
ATLP4-2Phased Array
ATLP5-3Phased Array
ATLP6-3Phased ArrayHDI 5000
ATLP7-4Phased Array
ATLTEE 5.0 BPPhased Arrayfor UM9
BK Medical8534
BK Medical8537
BK Medical8538
BK Medical8551
BK Medical8560
BK Medical8566
BK Medical8661
BK Medical8670
BK Medical8803
BK Medical8808
BK Medical8811
BK Medical8818
BK Medical8820
BK Medical8867
BK Medical8870
BK Medical8551
BK Medical8561
BK Medical8661
BK Medical8820
BK Medical8820e
EsaoteCA421Convex Array
EsaoteCA430Convex ArrayMyLab 40
EsaoteCA541Convex ArrayMyLab 40
EsaoteCA631Convex ArrayMyLab 40
EsaoteCarisConvex ArrayPA220E
EsaoteE8-5 R10Picus
EsaoteL10-5Linear ArrayPicus
EsaoteLA14Linear Array
EsaoteLA523Linear ArrayMyLab 40
EsaoteLA533Linear Array
EsaotePA240Phased Array
FukudaFUT-C111Convex ArrayUF-4500
FukudaFUT-CS 602Convex ArrayUF400AX
GE10C-DConvex ArrayLogiq S8
GE10C-SCConvex ArrayFor Venue 40/50
GE10LLinear ArrayLogiq P6
GE10SPhased ArrayVivid 7 Dim/Vivid 7 Pro/ Logiq 9/7
GE11LLinear ArrayLogiq A5/ P5 Premium/P5 Pro/ P6
GE11L-DLinear ArrayVoluson E8
GE12L-SCConvex ArrayFor Venue
GE12S-DPhased Array
GE12S-RSPhased Array
GE3CRFConvex Array
GE3SPhased ArrayVivid 7
GE3SC-RSPhased Arrayvivid and logic / vivid S5, S6, T8 / voluson P6, P8/logic P9
GE3SpPhased Arraylogiq p5/logiq p6
GE3Sp-DPhased ArrayVoluson E6, E8, Logic S7
GE3S-RCPhased ArrayLogic C2, C3, C5 , C5 premium
GE3S-RSPhased Array
GE3S-SCPhased ArrayVenue series
GE3VPhased Array
GE3V-DPhased Array
GE4CConvex ArrayLogiq P6
GE4C-AConvex ArrayFor Voluson 730
GE4C-DConvex ArrayVoluson E8
GE4C-RSConvex ArrayVoluson S8
GE4C-SCConvex ArrayFor Venue 40/50
GE4D16LLinear ArrayFor Logiq 9
GE4DE7CConvex ArrayLogiq P6
GE4V-DPhased Array Vivid E9, vivid E9 Xdclear
GE5SPhased Array
GE6,5 TV MTZLogiq 200
GE6S-DPhased ArrayVivid E9, vivid E9 Xdclear , Logic E9, S8
GE6VT-DMatrix TEEVivid E9
GE8CConvex Array
GE8L-RSLinear ArrayVivid S6
GE9LLinear ArrayLogiq P6
GE9L-DLinear ArrayVoluson E8
GE9L-RSLinear Array
GEAB2-7Convex ArrayVoluson 730
GEAB2-7-RSConvex ArrayFor Voluson S Serie/Voluson I/Voluson E
GEC1-5-DConvex ArrayVoluson E8
GEC1-5-RSConvex Array
GEC1-6-DConvex ArrayVoluson E8
GEC2-5RCConvex ArrayFor Logiq C serie BT12
GEC2-6B-DConvex ArrayFor Logiq S8
GEC2-9-DConvex Array
GEC2-9VN-DConvex Array
GEC358Convex Array
GEC4-8-DConvex Array
GECAE 5,0 MhzConvex ArrayLogiq 200
GEE721Logiq 400
GEE8C-ORConvex ArrayLogiq P6
GEE8C-RSConvex ArrayVoluson S8
GEE8-CS-RCConvex Array
GEeM6CConvex Array
GEI12LLinear Array
GEi12L-RSLinear ArrayLogiq E
GEIC5-9Convex ArrayVoluson 730
GEIC5-9-DConvex ArrayVoluson E8
GEIC5-9HConvex ArrayFor Voluson 730
GEL10-22-RSLinear Array
GEL3-12-DLinear Array
GEL4-12T-RSLinear Array
GEL6-12-RSLinear ArrayLogiq F8
GEL8-18i-DLinear Array
GEL8-18i-RSLinear Array
GEL8-18-SCConvex Array
GEM12LLinear ArrayLogiq S6
GEM4SPhased Array
GEM4S-RSPhased ArrayVivid S6
GEM5Sc-DPhased ArrayVivid E9 XD Clear
GEM5S-DPhased ArrayVivid E9
GEM6CConvex Array
GEM7CConvex Array
GEML6-15Linear ArrayFor Logiq P6
GEML6-15-DLinear ArrayLogiq E9
GEML6-15RSLinear ArrayFor Logiq P9/P7
GEP2DPhased ArrayFor Vivid E
GEP2DPhased ArrayFor Vivid 7
GEP2D-RSPhased ArrayFor Vivid Q
GEP6DPhased Array
GERAB2-5LLinear ArrayVoluson 730
GERAB2-6-RS3D/4D Convex ArrayVoluson P6/P8
GERAB4-8-D3D/4D Convex ArrayLogiq E9, Voluson E8
GERAB4-8LLinear ArrayVoluson 730
GERAB4-8-RS3D/4D Convex ArrayVoluson S8
GERAB6-D3D/4D Convex ArrayVoluson E8
GERAB6-RS3D/4D Convex Array
GERIC5-93D/4D Micro-Convex ArrayVoluson 730
GERIC5-9-D3D/4D Micro-Convex ArrayVoluson E8
GERIC5-9H3D/4D Micro-Convex ArrayVoluson 730
GERIC5-9W-RS3D/4D Micro-Convex ArrayVoluson S8
GERM6CConvex ArrayVoluson E8
GERNA5-9-D3D/4D Linear Array
GERSP6-16-D3D/4D Linear Array
GES1-5-DPhased ArrayLogiq E9
GES4-10Phased ArrayLogiq E9
GES4-10-DPhased ArrayLogic S7 / S8
GESP10-16Convex ArrayFor Voluson 730
GESP6-12Convex ArrayVoluson 730
GE 3S-SCPhased ArrayVenue series
GE 4C-SCConvex ArrayVenue 40/50
GE 4D16L Linear Arrayfor Logiq 9
GE 4SPhased ArrayLogiq 9
GE 5S-RSPhased ArraySector
GE 618EMicro-Convex Array Logiq 700/ 700 PRO/ 700 EXP
GE AC-EC7Convex Array
GE L76Linear ArrayLogiq 100 Pro
GE L764Linear ArrayLogiq 500 pro, Logiq 400, logiq 500
GE L8-18i-SCConvex Arrayvenue
GE M12LLinear Array
GE M6C-D Convex Array
GE M7CConvex ArrayLogiq 700
GE P2D-RSLinear Array
GE P6DPhased ArrayLogiq 5/Logiq 7/Logiq s6/System 5/Vivid 3/Vivid 4/Vivid 5/Vivid 7
GE PA2-5Phased ArrayVoluson 730
GE RAB4-8LLinear ArrayVoluson 730
GE RSP5-12Voluson 730
HitachiEUP-C715Convex Array
HitachiEUP-L65Linear Array
HitachiEUP-L65Linear Array
HitachiEUP-S50Phased Array
HitachiEUP-S50Phased Array
HitachiL34T Linear ArrayEUB-5000
HitachiTR EUP-CC331Convex ArrayEUB- 6500
Hitachi EUP-C715Convex Array
HP21202ASonos 1000, 1500, 2000,
HP21205CConvex Array
HP21211BHP Sonos 4500/5500/7500
HP21221AHP Sonos 1000/1500/2000/2500/8500GP/4500/
HPE94P069Phased Array
HPL7535Linear Array
Medison3D4-7EKSA 8000 live/SA 9900/Accuvix XQ
MedisonC2-5IRConvex Array
MedisonEC4-9/10EDMicro-Convex ArraySA 8000
MedisonEC4-9ESMicro-Convex ArrayX4
MedisonEC9-4ESMicro-Convex Array
MedisonHL5-9Linear Array
MedisonL5-12IMLinear ArraySA9900
MedisonL5-9ERLinear Array
MedisonP2-4Phased Array
MedisonPB-AXL7-16ISLinear ArrayAccuviq XQ
Philips15-6LLinear Array
PhilipsC3.5 40Convex Array
PhilipsC5-2Convex ArrayIU22
PhilipsC5-2Convex ArrayHDI 15000 - HDI 5000
PhilipsC7-3Convex ArrayHD3
PhilipsC8-5Convex ArrayHDI
PhilipsC9-2Micro-Convex ArrayEpiq 7
PhilipsC9-4Micro-Convex ArrayFor IU22
PhilipsC9-4vMicro-Convex ArrayIU22
PhilipsL12-3Linear ArrayEnvisor/HD11/HD11XE/HD15
PhilipsL12-3Linear ArrayCX50
PhilipsL12-5Linear Arrayfor HDI5000
PhilipsL12-5 (50)Linear ArrayHDI 15000 - HDI 5000
PhilipsL12-5/50Linear ArrayHDI 4000
PhilipsL17-5Linear ArrayIE33/IU22
PhilipsL7-4Linear Array
PhilipsL9-3Linear ArrayIU22
PhilipsS3-1Phased ArrayHD11/HD11XE
PhilipsS4-1Phased ArrayIU22
PhilipsS5-1Phased ArrayIE33
PhilipsS7-2 OMNITEEIE33
PhilipsS7-2 OmniTEEIE33
PhilipsS8-3Phased ArrayHD5000
PhilipsV6-23D/4D CurvedIU22
PhilipsX5-1Phased ArrayIE33
PhilipsX7-2Phased ArrayFor IU22
PhilipsX7-2tMatrix TEECX50
PhilipsX7-2tMatrix TEECX50
Philips C5-1Convex ArrayIU22
Philips C5-2Convex ArrayIU22
Philips C5-2Convex ArrayHD Line
Philips L12-5Linear ArrayHD11
Philips L12-5Linear ArrayHDI 5000
Philips L9-3Linear ArrayIU22
Philips S3Phased ArraySonos
Philips S5-1Phased ArrayCX50
Philips S7-2 Omni IIITEEIE33
Philips V6-23D/4D Convex ArrayIU22
Philips V6-23D/4D Convex ArrayEpiq
Philips X6-1Phased ArrayIU22
Siemens10V4Micro-Convex ArraySequoia 512
Siemens14L5-SPLinear Array
Siemens15L8Linear ArraySequoia 512
Siemens17L5HDLinear ArraySequoia 512
Siemens18L6HDLinear ArrayS2000
Siemens2,5P20Phased ArrayElegra
Siemens3,5C20Convex ArrayVersa
Siemens3,5C40HConvex ArrayElegra
Siemens3,5P14Phased ArrayVersa
Siemens3.5C40Convex Array
Siemens3.5C40+Convex Array
Siemens3.5C40HConvex Array
Siemens3D C6-3Convex ArrayG60
Siemens4C1Convex ArrayFor S2000
Siemens4V1CPhased ArrayX600/X700
Siemens6C1 HDConvex ArrayFor S2000
Siemens7,5C30Convex ArrayVersa
Siemens8C4Convex Array
Siemens8L5Linear ArraySequoia 512
Siemens8V5Micro-Convex ArraySequoia 512
Siemens9L3Linear ArraySequoia 512
Siemens9L4Linear ArrayFor S2000
SiemensC5-2Convex ArrayAntares
SiemensC5-2Convex ArraySonoline G50
SiemensC6-2Convex ArrayX300PE
SiemensC8-5Convex ArrayX300
SiemensCH4-1Convex ArrayAntares
SiemensCH5-2Convex ArrayX300
SiemensCH6-2Convex ArrayAntares
SiemensCW5Convex Array
SiemensCX 5-2Convex ArrayAntares
SiemensEC9-4Micro-Convex ArrayAntares
SiemensEC9-4Micro-Convex ArrayX150/X300PE
SiemensEndo-VMicro-Convex Array
SiemensEV9F4Micro-Convex ArraySonoline Antares
SiemensL5,0Linear ArrayVersa
SiemensP10-4Phased ArrayAntares
SiemensP2DPhased Array
SiemensP300Phased ArrayLA435
SiemensP4-2Phased ArrayX300PE/NX3
SiemensP5-1Phased Array
SiemensP5-1Phased ArrayX300PE
SiemensPH4-1Phased Array
SiemensVF10-5Linear ArrayAntares
SiemensVF10-5Linear ArrayX300
SiemensVF12-4Linear ArrayX600/X700/NX3
SiemensVF13-5Linear ArrayAntares
SiemensVF13-5Linear ArrayX300
SiemensVF8-3Linear ArrayX300pe
SiemensVFX13-5Linear ArrayAntares
SiemensVFX9-4Linear ArrayAntares
Siemens C7F2 4DConvex ArrayX300PE
Siemens PA230EPhased ArrayP300
Siemens Acuson4V1C - MPPhased ArrayX600/X700
Siemens/Acuson14L5Linear ArrayS 2000
Siemens/Acuson9EV4 - 4DMicro-Convex ArrayS 2000
SonositeHST/10-5Phased ArraySonosite 180/180 Plus
SonositeL38XLinear Array
ToshibaPC-19MConvex ArraySSH-140, SSA-270, SSA-370A
ToshibaPET-510MATEEXario, Aplio
ToshibaPLF-703NTLinear Array
ToshibaPLF-703STLinear ArraySSH-140A/140HG, SSA-270A/340A, SSA-250A, and SSA-240A
ToshibaPLF-705SLinear Array
ToshibaPLF-805STLinear Array
ToshibaPLM-703ATLinear ArrayNemio/ Nemio XG
ToshibaPLM-805ATLinear ArrayNemio
ToshibaPLT-1204AXLinear Array
ToshibaPLT-1204BTLinear ArrayXario
ToshibaPLT-1204MVLinear Array
ToshibaPLT-805ATLinear ArrayXario
ToshibaPSF-25DTPhased Array
ToshibaPSF-25LTLinear Array
ToshibaPSF-50FTPhased Array
ToshibaPSK-25ATPhased Array
ToshibaPSM-20CTPhased Array
ToshibaPSN-25ATPhased Array
ToshibaPST-50ATPhased Array
ToshibaPST-65ATPhased Array
ToshibaPVE-375MConvex Array
ToshibaPVE-582VConvex Array
ToshibaPVF-375ATConvex Array
ToshibaPVF-375MTConvex Array
ToshibaPVF-621VTMicro-Convex Array
ToshibaPVF-651VTMicro-Convex ArrayToshiba SSA-240A
ToshibaPVL-625RTLinear Array
ToshibaPVT-375ATConvex ArrayAplio
ToshibaPVT-375BTCurvedXario, Aplio
ToshibaPVT-375STConvex ArrayViamo
ToshibaPVT-575MV3D/4D Convex ArrayAplio
ToshibaPVT-661VTMicro-Convex ArrayXario, Aplio
ToshibaPVU-375BTConvex ArrayXario 200
Toshiba PEF-510MATEENemio
Toshiba PLT-704ATLinear ArrayXario
Toshiba PST-30BTPhased ArrayXario
Toshiba PVM-662ATConvex ArrayNemio
Toshiba PVT-675MV3D/4D Convex ArrayXario